The Chronicles of Terk and Landcaster Part One

The Chronicles of Terk and Landcaster Part One

Cody Strate, Media Staff

In my Keyboarding class, we were given the prompt to write 150 words a day and instead of writing random stuff each day I decided to write a short story so without further ado, I give you The Chronicles of Terk and Landcaster.

Chapter 1

            Once upon a time, there was a ghost who haunted the town of Knoxville. He only came every so often, the only thing was you never knew when he would … One day Terk and his buddy Landcaster were playing basketball, near the front yard and it was getting dark faster as fall was approaching. The leaves were blowing and the night sky and a beautiful orange purple tint. Terks mom calls for dinner as Terk throws up the last shot, the ball goes in a perfect swish you could hear the net twinkle. As the ball went through it hit the corner of the hoop and flew down the street and went through old Mr. Sterns’s yard. If you didn’t know, Mr. Stern was feared all around town by kids, parents, and heck even dogs. Terk and Landcaster decide to eat dinner then go back out later tonight when it’s dark so Mr. stern doesn’t see them.