SFHS Theatre Performs Fall Play “The Alibis”


As audience members took their seats in the performing arts center, excitement rang through the chamber and families chattered amongst themselves while they awaited the start of the show.

Glenn Morehouse Olson (Mrs. MO), who has directed over 50 productions at SFHS, most recently directed the school’s fall play “The Alibis”, which is a highly entertaining comedy murder mystery. In total, 41 students were involved in the play. These students have been working hard to perfect their parts in the play ever since the beginning of the school year. They were finally able to showcase the finished product of their hard work in the performing-arts-center through a performance of the play on each day from November 10th to the 13th.

“The Alibis is kind of cool because there’s eight different playwrights that were invited to write these vignettes about the alibis of the suspects who are suspected for the murder of J. Leslie Arlington,” said MO. “These eight suspects are all at a party, his body has been found, (and) Casey Neptune is the detective who enlists Warwick the butler in trying to find whodunnit.”

It is also the first play in which students at SFHS have directed specific scenes. One of these student directors is Samuel Asid, a senior who plays Casey Neptune.

“I think being on stage, it’s sort of like a release of emotions”, said Asid. “It’s weird to say, but being on stage feels like the most you can be yourself.”

Asid isn’t the only one who has benefited from working on the play either. Students such as Ben Grebowski, a senior who plays a thief named Clyde Bartlett, have also expressed how much they’ve liked being involved in the play ever since production on it began.

“It’s fun, it’s been all of three days but I’m having a good time with it,” said Grebowski, in an interview from earlier in the year.

Even student understudies such as Thomas Garza, a freshman who plays the father in scene one of the understudies’ show, have enjoyed contributing to the play.

“When you first hear about theater you don’t expect it to be as fun as it is, with all the games we get to play,” said Garza.

The play has also served as an opportunity for younger students to learn more about the theatre program at the high school level. According to Mrs. MO, about 115 students from the middle school theatre class were able to learn more about it on opening night by coming over to SFHS to watch part of the play during school hours.

“They won’t see the whole show, and they’re going to have to come back to see who did it because we’re not going to reveal that to anyone and if you know, no spoilers!” said MO.