5 Minutes of Fame – Elek Torok

With the exception of spirit weeks and dress-up days, it is not uncommon to see majority of students wearing a simple sweatshirt, jeans/sweatpants, and monotone tennis shoes combination. However, one student at SFHS has chosen to ‘break-the-norm’ when it comes to clothing choices.

With great risk comes great results, and Elek Torok, grade 11, has decided to take the ‘leap-of-faith’ into the judgmental world of adolescent teenage fashion.

“I was thrifting with my friends at Goodwill, and we were talking about how horribly I dress and how bad my style is, so we came up with the idea of Fit Friday just so I can try out different clothes and maybe get some tips on different styles that I may like,” said Torok.

‘Fit Friday’ is what Torok calls his spirit days. In a nutshell, one person every week gets to pick out what he wears for a school day. Of course, there are rules, such as following the school dress code, fitting him well, and must look like an actual outfit, but otherwise there are no limits to what the outfit actually has to be. Ranging from a green crop top to cow-print jeans, Torok is willing to try any and all genres of fashion.

“It’s inspired me to dress a little differently, pay a little bit more attention, and appreciate all sorts of clothing (masculine, feminine).”

Fit Friday’s usually occur on, well, Friday’s, as the name suggests. You can always see Torok wearing a bold and eye-catching outfit in the halls and in-class near the end of the week.

“Although it’s called ‘Fit Friday,’ I try to put it as close to Friday as possible [to Friday]; due to after-school-activities, sometimes I have themes that I have to wear on Friday, so I put it on Thursday,” said Torok, “or if someone’s sick on Friday: I had to do a Fit Monday. So, as close to Friday as possible.”

In the past, it has always been his friends creating his outfits once a week, but in our interview with him, Torok suggested that he is interested in having anyone create an outfit for him. Those who are interested should ask him about it, or message his Instagram account (mentioned later).

“I have a spreadsheet on Google Spreadsheets where people just put their names down for Fit Friday’s and anyone can sign up. So on any given week, it’s always a different person,” said Torok.

Torok’s Instagram (@fit_friday_et) has received plenty of attention within the past month, averaging 60+ likes per post. Students show their opinions towards each outfit by choosing to give a ‘like’ to each post or not. With the most-liked posts, the feeling is mutual with Torok for his favorite Fit Friday’s so far.

“I really liked Ava Randall’s and Riley Brennhofer’s outfits. Ava Randall’s was a lot more goth-aesthetic, with reds and blacks, long skirt, mesh crop top; it was very different,” said Torok. “Riley’s was very ‘angsty’ with black ripped jeans, a black jean jacket, jean chains, a whole bunch of jewelry; both of them were just really out there and I like them.”

As of right now, there is no intention in retiring Fit Friday anytime soon. Torok’s spreadsheet is booked out past March, and has been since November. Friends of Torok have been very eager to share their favorite clothing genres with him for months.

It is important to remember why he still does Fit Friday. As Torok said, “I created it just to try out different clothing and have fun with friends mostly, because that’s really what it’s all about!”