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What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

An RQT featured on SFHS Today

As a senior heading into the third trimester of the school year, I started reflecting on the past decisions that may have affected me. With that in mind, I wondered if others had advice they might give to their younger selves.

While some students focused their advice on academics, others looked to missed opportunities and self-awareness.

“If I could go back in time and  tell my younger-self something, I would tell myself to focus more on school [and] get good grades,” said senior Max Bolte. “Probably work more on the driver’s license.”

Junior Avery Myers agreed with the issue of focusing on school.

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“[I’d tell myself] to actually pay attention in class,” she said.

Like me, others wished they had spent more time with the sports they love. I wish I would have stuck with hockey and not given it up for the past three years. 

 “I’d tell my younger self to start snowboarding sooner,” said senior Jonah Hanson who started snowboarding his junior year.

Senior Alex Boersma didn’t join the Saints Golf Team until his Freshman year. “I would tell my younger self to start playing golf sooner.”

Others wished that instead of wasting time on things that worried them, they would have let things go and focused more on themselves and their goals. 

English teacher Joel Olson responded “I would tell my younger self to follow your dream… to follow your heart.”

Senior Aniya Sengthoumma said, “…not to over think too much and just kinda, deal with what happens and move on.”

Senior Nate Kuznia said, “probably like focus on myself more.”

Science teacher Clarissa Dobson said, “I would say, don’t sweat the small stuff, and that things happen for a reason and everything will work out in the end.”

A couple others wished they would’ve socially made the right decisions to help them make more friends and/or acquaintances.

Senior Mia Ferrario said, “I would tell my younger self to make more friends and be less awkward.”

Senior Alex Stunek Said, “I would tell my younger self to think before you speak.”

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