Focus on Drama class takes the fear out of performance

Focus on Drama class takes the fear out of performance

Tanner Levy, Media Staff

Many people may not know that Saint Francis High School hosts a class called “Focus on Drama.” The class is an introduction to theater, while learning different forms of acting and playing out the roles of your character.

The students are currently working on putting together programs for their children’s theatre. At the end of the trimester, students from ISD 15 elementary schools will come to the high school to watch them perform.

The class performs a variety of children’s stories, one being The Big Bad Wolf and Me. Freshman Ani Sylvers is excited to be playing the role of “Dani”.

“I’m the one who finds the Big Bad Wolf and teaches him how to be scary,” says Sylvers. “It is basically a retelling of the Big Bad Wolf but in his story.”

This class allows students to experience the art of being in a live play without making a full commitment to a big production. Kids can join this class for one trimester to see if they would enjoy doing theater.

Students say Focus on Drama is nice for people who are maybe a little scared of getting in front of crowds of people, and make it easier for the students to get into their role without messing up.

“It was a fun experience,” says Senior Walker Lane. “It was harder than I expected to memorize the lines, but I would definitely take the class again.”

The class is a great opportunity for students who would like to step out of their comfort zone and experience something a little different. It’s a great class for new incoming students, but anyone who would like it can join this class.