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COVID-19 Update in Saint Francis

ABC News
COVID-19 rapid at-home test.
Segment from January 2 SFHS Today broadcast.

Reporter Riley Brennhofer interviewed Saint Francis High School’s Licensed Practical Nurse regarding sickness and COVID-19 within the school.

“About 10 [COVID-19] cases have been reported to the Health Office, either via email or by phone,” said Mrs. Rinderknecht, LPN. “We have had no reports of flu to the health office. We monitor for flu, COVID, strep, and a neurovirus.”

With the winter holidays wrapping up and the new year festivities coming around the corner, we asked about the predictions regarding sickness going into the new year. “I can see [general sickness] increasing because of the amount of time people are together,” said Rinderknecht, “and there’s going to be intermingling of families. I can’t say for sure how much it will increase, but you will see more cases that are coming through.”

How can you help prevent you and your peers from catching a cold? “The best thing you can do is wash your hands. You want to stop that chain of infection before you’re touching your face or eating. Clean your phone [and doorknobs, etc.] often.”

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“Currently at the Health Office, we cannot administer COVID-19 tests. However, I do have a QR code on my door where you can order tests that come through the mail for your household.”

Please remember to wash your hands as often as you can for twenty seconds with soap and water. Additionally, routinely clean personal belongings that you interact with often, such as devices, water bottles, and watches.

Stay healthy, Saints.

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