Working For A Local Business


Brett Overvold, Reporter

It is estimated that about 89% of all small (or local) businesses in the U.S. contain fewer than 20 employees, according to an article by smallbizgenius. It is to no surprise that the small town of Saint Francis, with a population of about 8,000 people, is home to many small businesses. It is good to be surrounded by so many local businesses that give back to our community. Not only is there many benefits that they provide to our community, but also to their employees as well.

“I enjoy working for a local business, it’s not too far from home,” says Hunter Dustman, who works for the Saint Francis Domino’s, “and I work with people that are apart of the community as well”

It is important to understand that every business only runs because of its employees, and that they are helping our community in a directly positive way. Kenna Packard, who works at Northwoods Bar and Grill, stated that she enjoys working there because she feels like she is supporting the community and is directly involved in the process.

Not only do these employees help the community by providing a service, but they also create a friendly atmosphere for customers in their workplace too. “I probably see 10-15 people that I know come in on my shifts.” said Brea Hanson, who works at the Dairy Queen in Saint Francis, “Also, I personally like seeing people I know because it makes time go faster.”

Not only that, but the coworkers you have when working for a local business are community members as well. Brea Hanson claims that she works with many people that she knows and also just other members of the community. She says it creates a fun bond and an amazing work environment as well.

On the other hand, it may not always be so great to have the community watching over your back all the time. “I do see people I know while I am working.” said Packard, “It can be good or bad depending on who the person is and how terrible I look that day at work.”

All in all, people seem to enjoy working for a local business and the sense of community it brings into the workplace, along with the difference they can see themselves making directly.