Students attend Trump Rally in Duluth

Marah Dolney, Media Staff

President Donald Trump visited the Duluth International Airport on September 30th, 2020 for a campaign rally.

St. Francis senior Maddie Liddle and alumni Morgan Nielsen and Olivia Olson traveled to Duluth and braved freezing temperatures in order to stand in line for a chance to see President Trump live.

“We are here to support Trump in Duluth, Minnesota,”  said Nielsen. 

While there were tons of people in Duluth supporting Trump, they hoped they could get in to see what he had to say. As they waited, spirits were high to begin with.

“I am feeling fantastic, my friends,” said Olson. “ I get to see Donald Trump and hear about the post debate, I am feeling excited!” 

As time wore on and the weather took its toll, it was more difficult for them to stay positive. 

“You know it’s a little chilly out here and I am hungry,” said Nielsen, “ but I’m here to support the man.” 

 As they stood out there in 40 degree weather and waited, the anticipation began to build.

“(I feel) A little tired, trying to get my energy up but just waiting for those gates to open,” said Olson. 

 As time ticked,  waiting for those gaits to open the girls felt that they couldn’t wait any longer and left before Trump arrived.  From the warmth of a restaurant, Nielsen reflected on their adventure. 

“I am still pretty cold from the outing,” said Nielsen. “I was really pumped to see him, but it wasn’t worth it. My feet are about to fall off.”

Sadly Liddle, Nielsen and Olson didn’t get to see Donald Trump and hear what he had to say, but they still had a great experience. 

“I am definitely going to Wisconsin to see Trump,” said Nielsen. 

In the end, those plans would also be scrapped as President Trump tested positive for Covid 19 the following day. 

Still, the girls reflected on their road trip as they recalled people cheering “USA” and seeing all the supporters and  protestors who wanted to be a part of this historical moment.