SFHS Artist wins scholarship opportunity

Cody Loud spent summer at Oscar Howe Art Institute

Cody Loud

This past summer, Senior Cody Loud was accepted to the Oscar Howe Summer Art Institute at the University of South Dakota where he got to work in the professional art studios of the Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts. The OHSAI honors Oscar Howe, longtime USD professor and American Indian Northern Plains artist, by helping educate the next generation of potential Native American artists.

When did you start drawing?
“I don’t even remember, I was really young when I started drawing.”

What was your experience like at the Oscar Howe art camp?
“Oscar Howe was really fun. I got to meet a lot of people and it gave me a reason to actually do art. I am planning on applying for it again this year.”

Artwork by Cody Loud

How do you wish to improve?
“Acrylics and watercolors. I like doing portraits. I hope to paint portraits so that’s something I definitely have to improve on. Right now I mainly do landscape paintings.”

What is your favorite piece?
“My favorite piece is my Robin Williams piece. It’s a bunch of characters he’s played.”

artwork by Cody Loud

What do you like about portraits?
“It’s really more of a challenge for me to do a face.”

What is your favorite medium?
“My favorite medium I would say is graphite. I Like to do portraits and I’m learning to paint, but I’m more skilled with graphite.”

What did you learn?
“Keith BraveHeart taught us a lot about perspective and proportions of the face.”

Artwork by Cody Loud
Artwork by Cody Loud