Poem on Time

Poem written by Junior Andrew Gilbert


Andrew Gilbert, Writer

I don’t know if it was only me; but I was amazed at time when I was young. The fact of how you could stare at the clock and minutes turned to hours, or forget about it and hours would turn to minutes. Then again, what did you expect from small elementary school kid.

But what is it?

At first it was bedtimes, Ice cream, and the time the sun went down.

But as you get older time changes on you.

Where you wish you had more of it.

Wish you could take it back.

Wish that time would just slow down; and not leave you stranded.

Time is wishing you could say goodbye once more, before they left you, before you left them.

Time is where you wish you woke up earlier.

Achieved more.

Wished you could have been a better person than you were before.

Time can be the most haunting of ghosts.

The biggest reward.

The largest sacrifice; of the smallest meaning.

It is cognizing the fact that you could have known them a little longer.

Socialized more.

Cared just one more time.

But if there is one thing you will learn about time as it goes on.

Never take it for granted; Whether it is a day, month, or year.

Because the time you once knew,                                                                                        The buddy you became so fond of.

Will leave you in the sea of lost memories.

Because once it’s gone.

It’s gone.