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Kaydee Bjork, Writer/Producer

In the world series for dance, senior Kaydee Bjork has won two series back-to-back.


Bjork  has been dancing for 14 years. 13 of those she was dancing for Northern Forest Dance Company, along with dancing her senior year in the Northern School of Dance.


“It takes a lot of time to train, and training costs a lot,” she said. “For good teachers, good schools, and depending where you go and how long you train for you can influence your cost and your skill of training.”

The world series took place in Virginia Beach.


“I competed with other dance schools around the globe, to have two dances win nationals and move on to the world series,” said Bjork.


Her first dance, Press Conference Rag, was a energetic number from back in the 1900s.


“It was very upbeat,” she said. “ You needed it to be in order for the audience to enjoy what they were watching.”


Her second dance, Jolene, was the opposite. Originally a song by Dolly Parton; it was a song of a desperate woman where a girl was trying to steal her man.


“Jolene was a song where I could relate,” she said. “The song gave emotion to the audience and that's what made it unique.”


Press Conference Rag was her last dance for the year, and she went into the world series knowing that dance is about having fun.


“I just wanted to go on stage and give it everything I had and make it look like I was having a good time.” said Bjork. - Profile by Andrew Gilbert

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Kaydee Bjork, Producer, SFHS Media
November 8, 2017
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