Bond Referendum passes

Kaydee Bjork, Producer, SFHS Media

For many months, ISD #15 has been promoting the proposal of a $80.06 million Bond Referendum.

On November 7th, the Bond Referendum was passed. This was the second time the Bond was up for election after being voted down in the spring of 2017.

“This is our biggest bond ever for St. Francis to improve and enhance all of our school buildings,” said ISD #15 chairman Mike Starr. “This will be a two year project and is one of the biggest projects we’ve had here at St. Francis.”

The Bond includes the 4th and 5th graders from St. Francis Elementary School who have been attending St. Francis Middle School due to lack of space to return back to the elementary school. There will be a 10 classroom addition to St. Francis Elementary School to ensure all students kindergarten through 5th grade are all in the same building.

“By bringing them back here it will bring back a sense of community not only with our students, but with our staff and our families as well,” said by SFES principal Ryan Johnson.

Many changes to the buildings include upgrades from enhancing security, to upgrading technology, and much more.

Even though Cedar Creek Community school is one of the newest buildings in ISD #15 school district, principal Darin Hahn explains that even after 27 years, there are upgrades that need to be made.

“The building is 27 years old. In 27 years, from 1990 until now, think of all of the other things that have changed in our lives. Thinking of it that way, the district has also listened,” said by CCCS principal Darin Hahn.

St. Francis High School is getting many upgrades around the building. This includes renovating the existing science and business core, repurposing room 135 for gymnastics use, expanding and renovating the current music suite, and more.

“I think it’s gonna be a great thing for our students to give the building a face lift and to make some many needed improvements to the building,” said SFHS principal Doug Austin.

Although the Bond Referendum has passed, there has yet to have a specific plan and time outline of the two year project. This will be more planned and discussed at school board meetings held once a month at the district office.

”This is going to be outstanding over the next two years for our district,” said Starr. “It’s going to be fantastic.”