Song Tea and Poke Review


With Foods and Drinks from the continent of Asia continuously growing in popularity as they spread across the globe, a drink most commonly consumed in its origin country of Taiwan is gaining traction in the United States, causing many shops surrounding the drink to pop up around the country; Bubble Tea. 


Known in Taiwan as “zhenzhu naicha” (literally translated meaning Pearl Milk Tea), is a drink that primarily contains Iced Black Tea, Milk, Sugar, and Tapioca Pearls. Tapioca Pearls are tiny sphere shaped balls made out of tapioca pudding, most commonly made using brown sugar tapioca and syrup. Milk Tea can be iced or drank hot, and is a sweet and enjoyable drink for individuals of all ages! 


Reporters Mackenzie Casper and Hanna Lee visited one of these shops called “Song Tea and Poke”, which is located in Blaine, Minnesota. Trying out both their Poke bowls and wide variety of Teas, Mackenzie and Hanna both enjoyed their overall food experience in the restaurant!


“I mostly try to steer towards less sweet but still savory drinks,” said Mackenzie. “So I got the basic Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Tapioca. Saying it was delicious was an understatement.” 


“I also got a Poke bowl, and that was incredible as well,” Mackenzie boasted. “They have pre established bowls for people who might not know what to get, or you can completely customize your bowl. The bowls mostly consist of a protein option, veggies, sauces and additional items. I got mine with Shrimp, Brown Rice, Sweet Corn, Red Cabbage, and Spicy Mayo. It was so good,” She finished. 


Hanna, however, favors the more sweet factors of brewed teas within the menu. Ordering Taro Milk Tea, which is similar to standard Milk Tea but possesses a more vanilla-like sweetness from the Taro plant and gives it a lilac color, Hanna deeply enjoys this particular Tea. “To be honest, Taro is just one of those things that is hard to explain,” Lee said, “It tastes good in my opinion. It’s like a sweet potato, but less potato.” Lee also ordered a custom Poke Bowl, including Tofu, Mango, Pineapple, Edamame (immature soybeans), Almonds, and Sesame Sauce. 

To say the least, Hanna had to heavily assist Mackenzie in ordering a Poke Bowl.

In closing, it was easy to say that this restaurant was one of the top newer locations for Bubble Tea and Poke Bowls!

“I have tried many restaurants that serve tea,” Mackenzie said, “and this is, by far, my favorite place for freshly brewed milk tea and savory brown sugar boba.”