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The New (and Forbidden) McDonald’s Sauces

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McDonald’s new dipping sauces. On the left is the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce, and on the right is the Mambo sauce.

When it comes to a household fast food restaurant like McDonald’s, a new menu item always sparks an interest in eager customers. Kong and I took a drive to our local McDonald’s to purchase the two new bizarre sauces along with some chicken nuggets to see what SFHS students had to say about them.

First is the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce.

“This is pretty good, it tastes sweet and spicy,” said Jacob Tilly.

“That does not belong on chicken nuggets,” said Elek Torok.

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“It tastes like Froot Loops!” said Ella Udhe.

After hearing that the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce was not very enjoyable, Kong and I then moved on to get reviews from our peers on the new Mambo sauce.

“Oh, this cookin! Lemme get the jelly one.” said Jacob.

“See, this one is better in my opinion. It’s like a hot barbecue sauce,” said Elek.

“It tastes like expired barbecue,” said Ella.

Kong and I then asked each one of our test subjects which sauce was more enjoyable. Mambo sauce was the fan favorite, and the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce came in a close second (even though neither of them were a crowd favorite).

Now, it was our turn to try these crazy sauces – first was the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce. I agreed with Ella on the taste of the sauce, and to me it tasted like Froot Loops (but not in a good way). To Kong, the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce tasted flat-out bad. The dipping sauce tasted just as the name implies: sweet and spicy, with a little bit of jam. Neither Kong nor I enjoyed that sauce.

Next was the Mambo sauce. We ‘dunked our nugs’ and tried the sauce.

“It’s like a sweeter buffalo sauce,” said Kong.

I agreed with Kong, and we both ranked the Mambo sauce higher than the Sweet & Spicy Jam sauce. Throughout our vigorous testing and countless hours of contemplating what our personal opinions were, our conclusion to this ground-breaking experiment was that McDonald’s should just stick to Big Mac sauce and ketchup.

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