Seniors Plans After High School


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Senior Abree Terris signs to play softball at Upper Iowa University.

Brett Overvold, Writer

As most students are getting comfortable into their new classrooms for second trimester, the school year seems to be flying by. While everyone is relieved to be done with finals and ready to get ahead in their new classes, the seniors of SFHS are taking on a new load of stress. With 2019 coming to an end, college deadlines are fast approaching, and everyone is expected to have a plan. Although some students are trying to rush and decide what they will do for the rest of their life, others seem to have it all laid out.

 “Next year I’ll be going to Winona State for pre-nursing,” said senior Sydney Goldeman when asked what her plans are after high school. 

The amount of options available to start your post secondary school career is endless. It is not always easy to have a plan figured out, and sometimes it may be best to wait and see what interests you after dipping your toes into reality. Like senior Julia Parr who plans on attending a 4 year university, but does not know what for yet.

One big factor for some people choosing a college is sports. Being able to go to college for cheaper and play a sport you enjoy seems to be a win-win. “I’m going to play softball at Upper Iowa University,” said Aubree Terris, a senior at SFHS. 

Another option aside from a four year college is attending a technical college where you can get a degree in as little as two years, with enough experience to put you into the field and do what you enjoy. Senior Justin Kelley plans on attending Central Lakes technical college in order to pursue a degree in robotics.

Along with college, many people turn towards military careers after high school. One huge benefit of joining the military is the outstanding benefits you receive, such as going to college for free, housing loans, and many other things that seem too good to be true for some people. “My plans are to become a military police officer in the U.S. Army,” said senior Mason Beck. No matter the reason, it is great to see people in our community willing to stand up for our country and give back.

No matter your plan, it is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do after high school.