Guest Director takes on A Christmas Carol


Glenn Morehouse Olson

A view of the stage from the tech booth as students perform A Christmas Carol for a benefit performance for SFHS Theatre.

Austin Adler, Media Staff

Every year the St. Francis Theater Program has many great shows but this year they decided to bring in a new director to help out with A Christmas Carol.

The new director they brought in is Stephen Houtz, Houtz has directed many shows as well as performed in a number of professional theatres including:  The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, The Ordway Music Theatre, and Park Square Theatre. In addition, he teaches at Highland Park High School while being a vocal coach and a piano instructor.

This by no means Houtz’s first time directing at St. Francis. He has directed High School Musical and Little Shop Of Horrors as as part of the ISD 15 Summer Children’s Theatre program, and he is always willing to come back to work with the kids at St. Francis.

“It’s been wonderful, there are so many students who want to participate,and have been willing to go with me in a slightly different direction than ‘normal’ Christmas Carols go,” said Houtz.

Early on he decided to take on a new challenge with A Christmas Carol by making it darker, spookier, and more gloomy than the original.

Gwyneth Kretchmar plays Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and has been enjoying her time so far with this new and interesting take on story.

“It’s been so much fun playing Scrooge, he’s basically my polar opposite” said Kretchmar.

The new experience and take on the play has been fun for everyone, and it encourages more kids to join the program.

“I just love theater and it’s a place where I belong” said Simon Luckow.

The show runs for just one night on December 13 at 7:00 pm in the SFHS PAC. Donations will be accepted for the NACE Food Shelf.

*Update – The SFHS Theatre donation to the NACE Foodshelf was a total of 139 pounds.