Fashion  should inspire you to transform into the fantasy you want to live

Fashion  should inspire you to transform into the fantasy you want to live

Styles in Fashion

Starting to change your style you can get inspiration from anything. the process of changing your fashion or finding things you like to wear can be a struggle.  It’s easier to follow the trends but trends don’t last make your style yours.

Edgy and dark

Edgy and dark fashion today isn’t what it was a decade ago. Those fashion icons who dressed as “goth” and were later labeled with the term “emo,” created fashion trends that were seen as “outside the norm” However, fashions from those two different generations continue to influence fashion today. The 1980’s version of “goth” started from music artists in the genre of punk rock or gothic rock music. The older version was mostly about covering bodies with leather and lace and the fashion came with a certain kind of elegance. What became known as “emo” was also inspired by a certain genre of music. Today’s fashion isn’t just dark colors and gothic clothing because, with this generation, the clothing can look scandalous, edgy, or mysterious. Fashion is so much more than just music and black clothing because, even though they share similar influences, the current fashion representation of it has drastically changed. The style has changed throughout the generations and is more widely accepted now, instead of looked down upon. It is still empowering to the wearers; however, people who choose this style are no longer judged as being on the fringe. 

  Pastel and Peppy 

This fashion is mostly about colors and different soft tones –  a whole rainbow of patterns in the clothing. This look is supposed to make you look cute, vulnerable, and approachable. The soft look gives a  feminine vibe, usually with oversized sweaters and skirts with either floral, plaid, or heart prints. The fashion has an innocence to it with a beautiful array of colors in a soft tone that isn’t too hard to achieve. There are also styles of certain makeup looks that correlate and tie the look together. The makeup look is mostly based on focusing on one’s natural features with a heavy-handed amount of blush.

Back in time

This style of fashion comes and goes throughout the ages, focusing on the past. The style can be from any different generation, often from the 20s, 80s, or 90s. This fun way of bringing trends from the past can really help people understand the time period and relevant things that have happened in the past. The vintage style can make you feel special in your own way. This style can bring back the 1920s: long beads, flapper dresses, T-strap shoes, and heeled mary janes. It can also conjure the 1980s: gold chains, Izod golf shirts, sweaters with strong shoulders pads and blazers, and stilettos. The real history behind this fashion is that these old trends come back in cycles every couple of years. 

Energy and Confidence

These fashion styles are just a few and there are hundreds of looks out there. Fashion is supposed to make you feel good and it’s a way for you to express yourself, your personality or how you want to be perceived. Even though there are all these different styles, it does not mean that you are limited to only one style. Clothes should be something that empowers you and that you can experiment with and have fun with.  All-in-all rock whatever you want, build your confidence, and be true to yourself.