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Beater of the Week: 1994 Chevrolet Cheyenne

Taylor Ornes
Raymond Stoeckel
Taylor Ornes leans against his “Beater of the Week.”

You may know them as clunker, lemon, rust bucket, death trap, disaster, and other fond names. With a lot full of cars in the high school parking lot, the SFHS media team went out in search of our very first Beater of the Week.

We searched the parking lot for the best beater and found Taylor Ornes’ 1994 Chevrolet Cheyenne sporting 208,000 miles, a colorful exterior of different paints, and a little bit of rust around the wheel wells.

“I need something for the winter, because I don’t want to rust out my other truck,” said Ornes.

He insists that nothing is wrong with it at all. However, some of the body panels are different colors.

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“Well, the (red) tailgate came with it, and the hood is a different color because I crashed it into a tree and messed up the hood pretty good,” he said. 

Where some people see a rust bucket, Ornes has another opinion.

“Everything that could rust off has already rusted off, so there’s nothing wrong with it,” he said. 

There is a hole in the frame, but the breaks work, even if they squeak really loudly. 

 “The heater works awesome,” AC? “Nope, no AC,”’ he said.

Ornes thinks the interior is in mint condition.

“It’s actually pristine,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with it at all.”

Taylor Ornes’s Tailgate on his “Beater of the Week.” (Raymond Stoeckel)

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