Vacationing During School – How to Keep Up

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Amanda Jacques

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February 19, 2015


Leaving for vacation during the school year is not always as fun as one might imagine.  There’s a lot that has to be considered when planning to take off school to go on a vacation.
Before leaving for a vacation one might ask, “what do I have to accomplish before I get on the airplane?”  1. Pack clothes 2. Talk to teachers about doing homework before leaving or if it’s okay to complete after getting back 3. If you’re in extra curricular activities notify the coach or adviser that you will be missing school (the further in advance of your trip the better).
Theresa Orpen answered the tough question of whether or not to get the homework before one leaves or get it when the vacation is over. She responded, “It’s always a good idea to get stuff beforehand and if you happen to do the work a little different, so be it.”
In case of alterations, Orpen says it’s a good idea to wait until after vacation because if she altered anything, she doesn’t want the student to do any more work than what the class actually did.
“It’s a 50-50 deal,” she said.
Orpen also said that it’s nice to know before
hand if a student will be gone. If she has taught the class before, she is more likely to be able to give the student some assignments to work on and can give the student additional instructions to complete the assignment. However, if the class she is teaching has never had lesson plans, Orpen will not have anything ready for the student to take.  It is also nice for her to know the student is leaving in advance so she can give the student an idea of where the class will be going during the student’s absence.
While on vacation, one might think that they have the whole trip to do homework, but what seems to typically happen is they procrastinate and find they don’t have the whole vacation anymore to complete the homework.  The lesson is, if you do take homework while on vacation remember to actually do it.  Even if that means you have to do it while relaxing on a beach in Florida.
It can be stressful to have to come home and have a pile of homework that teachers handed out to the class, and have it due the next day one arrives back from their trip.  If you don’t do your homework over vacation, you may find you have a lot of stress from having to finish the homework that was given while you were away, along with the new homework the teachers are currently passing out.
If a student decides that they don’t want to take any homework with them on vacation and wait to do it all when they get back, they will have to understand that the consequences of not doing homework can be quite overwhelming and take intense nights after you return in order to take the time to get caught up.

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