Trouble With Double Standards

Gender-based stereotypes frustrate everyone


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The double standard is frustrating for everyone. It doesn’t discriminate against race, color, economic background or moral integrity. From sex to the way we dress, double standards affect all of us.

Double Standard #1
Age Discrimination

If an older woman dates a younger man, she is labeled a “cougar.” But if the guy tells his friends he’s dating an older woman, his friends give him a pat on the back.

Which leads to…

Double Standard #2
Sexual Behavior Discrimination

    Women aren’t supposed to have sex or even have many boyfriends for fear of being called promiscuous, while men are encouraged to date many women and have many sexual partners. If a man chooses to wait until marriage or isn’t ready to date, he’s criticized as being gay or inferior.
Men are encouraged to lose their ‘v-card’ as early as possible, while women face the complete opposite dilemma.

Double Standard #3
Physical Abuse

    If a woman hits a man, she’s an empowered independent woman who won’t take no sass. A guy who hits a girl after being struck multiple times, even in defense, will be labeled a “wife beater.” (Ray Rice and his elevator encounter not included). The truth is, it’s all domestic abuse no matter which way you slice it. Abuse is abuse – it doesn’t matter what gender you are.

Double Standard #4

    “Women are terrible drivers.” The truth is gender doesn’t affect your ability to drive. Everyone has different skill levels when it comes to driving. Studies show women may get into more accidents, but men get into more severe accidents. Men are expected to be more agressive on the road, while an agressive female driver will be called “crazy woman driver.”


Double Standard #5
Name Calling

    “All men are pigs”or on the reverse side, women are referred to as “chicks.”
Labeling an entire gender as an animal is sexist. Usually one experience with a bad guy creates this notion for women. Men use the term to dehumanize a woman  – to make them seem small or infintile.
Gender-based stereotypes do nothing for our society and just fuel the battle of the sexes.

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