Students and staff share opinions about construction

Written by Hailey Howland, Jack Henderson, and Luiza Fontana


Pictured: The new common area outside of the new Language Arts classrooms at SFHS.

Since voters passed a building bond in 2018 to fund “deferred maintenance” that had been put off for years because of funding shortages, construction has been a hot topic in Saint Francis Area School district.

Staff and students spoke with SFHS Media staff about their opinions concerning the changes in the building.

”For the most part I am pretty excited about the opportunities like how the new areas look,” said Principal Doug Austin. “In saying that – there’s always a transition from where we were to where we’re going to be after.”

Not everyone is convinced the changes are beneficial. Senior Benjamin Schell thinks that all the glass could potentially break or get dirty easily. He was also skeptical about the potential distractions.

“When you’re sitting in class someone’s going to start dancing around and be like’ look at me I’m a sick kid’,” said Schell.

On the other hand, English teacher Mark Thul enjoys the glass.

“I like all of it at the moment.  My classroom is beautiful,” said Thul. “I love the windows that pour out into the study area, which I have been using as students have time to work in comfortable, quiet places to do their projects and homework.”