Spencer’s Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)


Welcome back, in the time since I last wrote an article, I have watched several movies worth talking about, but the one I have watched most recently and would most like to talk about is easily Blade Runner 2049. (I should mention, this movie does include some graphic content and some nudity, so be warned)

Blade Runner: 2049, sequel to classic 1982 Sci-fi flick Blade Runner, was a film made in 2017 focused on similar themes of technology, AI, and the requirements to be considered a living thing. It stars Ryan Gosling as a sort of detective known as a Blade Runner who hunts down replicants (android people) and “retires” them, although being a replicant himself. We also see Harrison Ford reprising his role as Deckard from the original, now an old man long retired from being a Blade Runner living in isolation alone in the New Vegas strip with no company but his dog. These two characters meet when Ryan Gosling is set on a mission to hunt down and retire the only being ever to be born from a replicant with a human father.

I won’t go to much further into the plot of the movie, as I think it is something you should experience for yourself, but I will get into my thoughts on the movie. Much like the original, this movie asks a lot of interesting questions about the ethics of using and creating advanced AI for basically slave labor, and what makes them constitute as being a living thing. It also deals with concepts of loneliness and disillusionment in the form of Ryan Gosling’s internal struggles, which I can really relate to and I believe is something that, specifically in the current state of the world, is something that many young people will be able to relate to.

This movie is very, very good and I would recommend it to just about anyone. Whether it be the interesting moral and ethical questions posed in it, the beautiful cinematography, or even just the interesting dystopian world which they inhabit, it is a great film that just about anyone can find something to enjoy in it.