Sophomore Skogquist is softball slugger

Alexa Skogquist hit 3 home runs in one game for the Saints

Girls softball has had  a number of wins this season, but one game stands out. 

On Tuesday May 2nd Alexa Skogquist hit three home runs as well as 8 RBI’s in one game to carry her team to a 17-0 victory over Monticello.

Skogquist believes her off-season training has helped her be successful this season so far. 

 “I have been training at Minnesota Force,” she said, “and I’ve been doing a bunch of hitting lessons.”

The Minnesota Force is part of the Minnesota Fastpitch Academy and their mission, according to their website, is to build better women athletes and leaders.

They hope to further expand the scope and opportunity for social and athletic development for young women throughout Minnesota, “through intense skills and sports psychology development, from elite, world class female softball players and coaches,” the website states.

After the big win Alexa was feeling good about her progress. 

“I barely had time to process as I was too focused on the game,” said Skogquist, “ but the celebration after I knew we had won makes all the hard work worth it”. 

In the future Alexa has not fully thought about plans that are at least 3 years away,  but she does state that she has interest in going to college to play softball.