Ski and Snowboard club at risk

Deadline for registration moved in order to keep club alive

The ski/snowboard club has been a part of the ISD15 community for over 30 years, but this year it is in danger of folding.

Each trip planned this year will be held at Wild Mountain Ski and Snowboard Area. For all packages, students must be present at school the day of the trip and they must ride the bus to and from the resort. At the resort they have the option to either bring their own equipment or can rent either skis or snowboards and boots for $20/time; $4 for helmets.

“Because of low enrollment the deadline for registration has been moved forward to Monday the 20th,” said Nancy Messerschmitt, Community Education Supervisor. If the number of students that sign up does not increase then they will have to cancel all of the trips they were planning.

Anyone is welcome to join grades 7-12.

“I always remember laughing with friends, eating good food, and falling in the snow every once in awhile, ”  said sophomore Dylan Erickson, who has been skiing for three years and in the club for the past two years.

There are three different package options available. Plan A is a Five Time Package ($145 including membership fee), Plan B is the Transportation Package ($90 including membership fee) and Plan C is a Single Trip Purchase ($36 per trip $15 club membership fee).

You can get more information and the registration form at the Community Education office; or you can register online at under district-wide youth activities.Telephone registrations. Credit cards will also be accepted at 763-213-1640.

So if you would like to be part of the club you have until 3 o’clock Monday afternoon to bring your paperwork into the office, register online or through the phone.