Senior Spotlight – Tyler Edwards, Student Council President

Liliana Becker and Lily Eastman

Riley Brennhofer and Lily Eastman

In order to become a leader, you must show exceptional levels of responsibility, focus, and commitment. One of the most well-known student leaders at Saint Francis is Tyler Edwards who serves as the president for Student Council.

Edwards organizes and leads every single event hosted by Student Council. He oversees 50+ students also involved in the activity.

“Some of the biggest accomplishments I’ve had as Student Council President is leading successful Pep-fests, as well as allowing our Student Council to be the most prosperous it has ever been in size,” said Edwards, “[and] hosting the best dances our school has seen in a while; we had over three quarters of the school in-attendance at the Homecoming dance.”

Stepping up to be the president of Student Council could be a daunting task to those who are not well-organized and committed to the program. Edwards is able to do this and organize many successful school events, whilst balancing other extracurriculars and academics  on his schedule.

“To join student council, all you have to do is: at the beginning of the school year, go up to the IMC with Ms. Abraham and get a form. The form is going to have you put your name, a little bit about yourself, at get 2 teacher recommendations,” said Edwards. “And when that is done, you just hand it back to Ms. Abraham and wait for a little message.”

Student council is open to any students who are interested in taking more initiative in the school, grades 9-12. Student council works as a team to organize many things, such as homecoming and MORP, all spirit weeks, and the food/toy drive events. Applications are available at the beginning of every school year in the Student Union, and are handed to and from Ms. Abraham, Student Council Advisor.

Spirit weeks are the biggest tasks that Student Council organizes due to the events taking place during the school day, like Pep Fest.

“Anything planning-wise for student council happens a month or two beforehand, so Snow Week we’ve been planning for the past about month,” said Edwards.

Plenty of planning and thinking goes into every idea proposed at their weekly meetings. Student Council is made up of 50+ students committed to taking further action in improving the high school.

“For the pep fest itself: it’s a lot of just getting names of the captains, thinking about games that the students will actually enjoy, and making sure the script is ready and up-to-date for the actual pep fest… and then just getting those nerves out!”

This year, two new advisers took over running Student Council: Dawn Abraham and Tracey Norton.

“I’ve recently got to know Tyler a lot more this year, as this is my first year as the student council advisor. What I do know is that Tyler is a really great leader; he’s hard-working, dedicated, very focused, and driven,” said Abraham, “and I have no doubt that Tyler is going to go on to do great things in his future.”