Senior shatters bench record

Aaron Molskness broke the school bench press record during Saints Time


Senior Aaron Moskness breaks the school bench record on September 12 during Saints Time, with a lift of 370 pounds.

For the first time in a decade, St.Francis High School Senior, Aaron Molskness, set a new SFHS bench record of 370 pounds. The record was broken September 12 during Saints Time.

“I’m proud, really proud of him,” said teacher and weight room coach, Chris Lindquist. “I’ve told a lot of people that I’ve looked at the record for years now, and I didn’t think that anyone would come on to break that because putting 370 pounds on a bench press as a senior in highschool is pretty difficult, and pretty special.”

Molskness has been lifting for a little over two years now.

“I go to the gym at least once a day for an hour and a half up to three hours max,” said Molskness, “what motivates me is my ability to get stronger and better.”

Molskness was surrounded by his coach and friends when he made the record-breaking lift.

“It’s a tribute to how hard he’s worked and I’m really proud of his effort and dedication” said Lindquist. “He set a goal and he shattered it.”