Saints Time gets an overhaul

Taylor Morehouse and Ari Rinnet

Several years ago, the high school created Saints Time which was an opportunity for students to get extra help in their classes. However, last year things didn’t go exactly as the administration wanted, 

According to teachers and administrators, many of the students they needed to see were not showing up to their classes. This became the catalyst for a schedule change. Now, each teacher has a day to keep their students to make sure they are caught up.  

“The new Saints Time rules were a reflection of what we’ve looked over the last couple of years. It is easier to make students accountable and make sure that they get intervention if they need to,” said Principal Doug Austin. “It also allows them to also have flexibility if they have their work done to be able to go to the open areas”

While this is all new and some students didn’t like it at first, they seem to understand why Austin and his team decided to do Saints Time this way. 

“I like last year’s Saint Time rules better, but it’s not that bad,” said sophomore Brandon Kamprud. “I just don’t really like going to every hour that day. I’d rather just go straight to the lunchroom” 

Meanwhile, some teachers here have other things to say about it. 

“It’s early in the year, but so far I like it because it means that at least one day a week I have a captive audience and I can get to the students that I need to get to,” said biology teacher Adam Wierman. “So in that, it’s a definite positive. I know that one day a week I can at least count on having those students.”

Although most are talking about the positive changes, there are some flaws in the new system according to Wierman.

“The downside is there are some days where I may need a student two days in a row or three days in a row and they are captured by their other hours, so that makes it more difficult to see a student multiple times in a week.” said Wierman “I think it’s an improvement from what we’ve seen in previous years, not perfect, but baby stepping towards effectiveness”