Saints Manufacturing provides real world skills for students


Neil Br

A student welds in Saints Manufacturing Class.

For years, Metal Tech teacher Erik Trost, has been teaching students practical life skills like welding, operating machinery, and how to do multiple other tasks related to metal technology. 

The main goal of these classes is to give students the opportunity to learn how to safely  operate industry standard equipment. It also gives them a look into some potential career options. There are five separate classes that students may take at the school which gives them the ability to experience the world of metals and machinery technology.

“The entry level courses are General Metals and Metal Tech and those classes are divided into rotations where they give you a broad overview to prepare for the rest of the classes,” said Trost.

The next level is Machine Tool where students can work on things a little more advanced than what they did in the introductory courses. 

“The next course is Welding and Fabrication which you can take anytime,” said Trost. 

The final level is Saints Manufacturing. In order to take saints manufacturing students must complete all the other classes. In Saints manufacturing students are given the chance to create and repair items for companies and the government. 

“Our biggest customer is the state of Minnesota,” said Trost.

 The students in Saints Manufacturing produce parts for plow trucks, push pulls, lightboxes, fire pits, spacers, picnic tables, step brackets, band carts, shop carts, fish house trailers, cabinets, and much more.

Carter Bartell is a product manager for Saints Manufacturing.

“It’s pretty much a school run business,” said Bartell. 

Last year the class made 150 push pulls which are utilized in the repair of plow trucks. This year alone, they are making 50 for the state of Minnesota. They are also making a dozen picnic tables for the school and the city. 

A couple of years ago they made an actual trailer and two years ago they made a dock.

“I think it’s a really fun class,” said Bartell. “You need to fit some criteria like General Metals, Machine tTool and Welding so you know how to do the stuff, but once you are in it –  it is a pretty fun class.”