Saints Football Enforces MSHSL Policy

Limited Contact Rule effects practice routines

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Saints Football Enforces MSHSL Policy


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As a new set of contact and practice regulations arise in High School football, the Saints are dealing well with the change.

Beginning in the 2015 season, teams now have a revised summer practice schedule with much stricter contact and duration regulations enforced by the Minnesota State High School League.

Senior Quarterback Hunter Trautman depicts a day during the August two-a-day practices.

“You have to be ready to go at 7am, for a film/walk through, 8 to 10 practice, 10 to 11 lunch 11 to 12 film/ walk through and 12 to 2 practice.”  

Before this season there were fewer breaks and more action.  Two a days used to have limited film with a two hour practice, an hour lunch break, followed immediately by another grueling two hour practice. Trautman finds a positive in that players now “know the game better” with prolonged exposure to film.

Senior linebacker Matt Wunderlich has found the decreased contact has “made some kids soft” as well as “less conditioned” [for contact].  Wunderlich says although he plays defense, the change has had little effect on him and he is always ready to go on Fridays.

Head coach Chris Lindquist describes the rule change as a “self imposed” policy, since the regulations are hard to enforce. One of Lindquist’s friends in Wisconsin said when a similar policy was instated, high school programs seldom followed.  

The Saints have very limited hitting during a normal week of practice, which brings fewer bumps and bruises and has the players hungry for Friday nights under the lights.

“It is hard to tell completely (how the policy will affect the team),” said Lindquist. “It will be easier to decide in four years when the freshmen are seniors.”  

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