Saint Francis Saints battle the Monticello Magic to defend an undefeated record


They wake up at 5am Friday morning with that tingling feeling of game day where they are unable to fall back asleep. Their adrenaline is pumping and it’s still 14 hours till game time. With an undefeated record going into their game with the Monticello Magic, the football team has a lot to think about before they hit those Friday night lights.

At this point in the season, the Football team has already broken records, but they know they need to focus in order to pull out another win.

¨ They are a good team,” said senior Wes Jonson, “but if we focus on ourselves and work hard hopefully we can be successful.¨

Senior Robbie Welch had a prediction.

¨I think we are going to fight till the end,” he said, “and give it all we got to come out on top.¨ 

Quarterback Jaxon Skogquist had some concerns about his teammate Chase Fiene being out with an injury.

“We do have a kid out this week,” Skogquist said,”but I still feel pretty confident in our team and I feel like we can fight pretty hard and I still feel we can come out with a win. 

Senior captain Philip Conant had high hopes going into the game.

¨We are going to do really well,” he said. “We are going to run the ball – we are going to score –  fight hard on defense. I think we have a good shot at this game.¨ 

Fullback Ayden Carlson, who is a junior on varsity, had a gameplan in mind as he had to step in as a linebacker in Fiene’s absence.

¨I have been working on my ball carrying skills this week,” said Carlson. “I’m not going to fumble. Also playing linebacker, I’m going to hit some kids.”

Senior Nick Taff was missing his partner in crime on the defense with Chase Feine out due to injuries.

 ¨Chase is hurt, it’s not good, he’s out, it’s really sad,” said Taff. “I don’t know what I am going to do¨.

Senior Collin Shack was hoping the game would still go well.

“¨The whole team is pretty hungry after last year’s unfortunate loss,” said Shack.

¨There is a good team and we put a lot of time in the team room, we really get after it¨ said senior Brady Johnson.

Johnson’s positive prediction paid off as the game clock ticked down the student section’s cheers of ¨I believe that we just won¨ rang out across the field.

After the game we heard from senior Philip Conant felt the defense had played well. 

 ¨We have to finish plays on offense, but we won and we are going to beat Andover next week,¨ said Conant.