Powder Days Ahead

Reflections from the sled


Richard Pastwa

SFHS Media Staffer Reed Pastwa enjoys time in Colorado on his 2016 Polaris RMK 800.

Reed Pastwa, Media Staff

SFHS Meida Sstaffer rides in powder in Colorado.


Richard Pastwa
SFHS Staffer Reed Pastwa in Colorado.
Richard Pastwa
SFHS Staffer Reed Pastwa pauses in the powder on his snowmobile in Colorado.

Personally, snowmobiling is a huge part of my family. I spend time out in Colorado shredding the mountain with my uncle and head up north to the UP of Michigan to go shred some powder with close friends of mine. 

My father and I spend a lot of time chasing snow in Wisconsin and Minnesota. To me snowmobiling is therapy; it helps clear my mind. 

When snow starts to fall, ice begins to build, and winter swings into full affect, every sled head begins their preparations for the powder days ahead. 

From trail riding to ditch banging, everyone tries to get their own piece of the action. 

“Riding snowmobiles is a passionate sport,” said Brett Overvold. a riding buddy of mine. “I love going riding on the fresh snow days and on the weekends with my buddies.” 

Snowmobiling is a great sport for friends and family. In many snowmobiling families everyone in the family rides, and my family is no exception.

Before I could start a snowmobile myself, my dad would put me in front of him on his sled – but when I turned 7, I got to start riding the 1997 Polaris by myself. My dad taught me to ride and his dad taught him. Grandpa rode with us until he was nearly 70.

”Snowmobiling is a great way to spend time at the cabin with your friends and family,” said Overvold. 

Other riders like Cody Hendrickson don’t feel the need to travel, they can find fun in their own backyard. Cody prefers to jump driveway approaches. 

“I love riding ditches,” said Hendrickson. 

One of my favorite things in life is strapping on a helmet and seeing how far and how fast I can push my riding abilities. There is nothing better than holding the throttle of a snowmobile to the bar in 10 feet of snow pounding through trees and trying my hardest to not get stuck. 

Whether it’s a trail up north or the ditches in Anoka County, snowmobilers just can’t wait for that first big snowfall.

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