The Situation with 2020-2021 Parking Permits

Jaydin Bollmann and Adam Grebowski



St.Francis Parking

Jaydin Bollmann and Adam Grebowski

With an altered school schedule due to Covid-19, reporters at SFHS Today explored what some of the changes were throughout the school.

One thing that is different this year compared to others is that the school is no longer charging students for parking throughout the 2020-2021 school year.  Previously, it cost $60 per trimester to park during the school day.

When asking Principal Doug Austin about the price in previous years, he replied, “Traditionally what we normally do is we dedicate a staff member that’s out there the whole time, that is not happening right now. Mr Ralph is normally the one who is out there, so that’s part of it. Some of it goes to general maintenance and upkeep as well”.

When asking about why parking permits are free throughout this school year, he replied with, “They’re free because we only have half the student body here at a time.  So with hybrid going on and stuff like that, We knew we were not going to have someone out there all the time like we normally and traditionally have done and with construction stuff out there it’s kind of the way it is”.

This ultimately affects the students, so we decided to see how some of them felt about this change compared to paying 60 dollars last year.

“I think it’s better because we only go two days a week.” said student Trevor Cich and student Devin Nelson said, “It definitely saves on my wallet”.