A Week of Acknowledgement

Ami Hedges and Ashley Kingsbury

160,000 students stay home from school every day due to bullying. 20% of high school students say that they have considered suicide just within the past year. Recently, more schools have developed a club called the “Anti-Bully Program”, and for a good reason. According to The Stop Bullying Now Foundation, schools who have a program to prevent bullying have seen a dramatic drop of 50% of people who report being bullied. St. Francis High School is one of many schools who have shed a light on this serious issue.

“I made Students Against Bullying because I was being bullied.” Mackenzie Goedell said during an interview with SFHS Today. She founded the anti-bullying club at St. Francis. Goedell created the group in her sophomore year. “I thought that it was time that our school had a system or group where people could go and stand up.”

When asked about her plans next year, Goedell replied with a shrug.

“I kind of need someone to run the club for me when I’m gone.” Goedell said. “There’s a few schools I’m involved with and I hope to leave with someone who will take over my job.”

If you want to connect with Goedell, contact the Anti-Bullying Club on Facebook.