NHS Sponsers Blood Drive


Emily Pipp

The SFHS Blood Drive in the back Gym was held on October 19th.

The back gym was transformed. Nurses bustled around, students reclined as they gave the gift of life. 

 Each year the St. Francis National Honor Society sponsors several blood drives that earns scholarships for NHS and helps the Red Cross serve Anoka County blood banks, In all,  91 people strolled into the back gym, ready to donate. 

“In all, we were able to collect 64 units of blood,” said NHS adviser Sharon Bergman. “That’s pretty good.”

NHS members Riana Ingberg and Miranda Ramierz helped organize the drive, which was for students, community, and faculty ages 16 and up. 

“It’s a really cool opportunity to help save lives and get involved,” said Ingberg. 

One donor, Senior Elena Solis-Gonzalez, donated blood for her second time because Ramierz, her cousin, is in NHS.

“My experience giving blood was pretty scary and it was tiring at the end,” she said.  “(but) I feel good knowing that my blood can help other people.” 

This was the second blood drive NHS has sponsored this year, having held a drive this summer. 

“We want to collect 200 total units of blood for the whole year,” said Bergman. “We need 74 more units of blood, so hopefully in our spring blood drive we’re able to do that. Once we hit our

goal then we’re able to get really good scholarship money for NHS kids.”

Each unit of blood collected saves three lives according to Bergman. 

“That would be over 600 people that we would be able to help,” she said.

Ramierz encourages people to donate in the spring.

“It’s for a good cause,” she said.