MCU Eternals: The Future of the MCU


“Eternals” The movie that will redefine the mcu as we know it. 


The immortal beings with super powers known as “Eternals” are sent to earth to rid the planet of the deviants that plague it.


“Eternals” is Marvel’s newest addition to the ever expanding mcu. “Eternals” is a movie that had been highly anticipated. For all the hype that was given, the movie itself at times was lackluster. It had gotten to the point where the film had failed to draw in and keep my attention. It’s a lengthy film that could have been cut down by 30 minutes. Some parts were drawn out and for all the special effects the action was average. 


I also thought that some subplots would have played a bigger part into the overarching plot.


The actors did however do an amazing job portraying their characters. Each character had a certain attitude and personality and each were different but they all melded together when they were all in one scene. 


The camera angles also gave a good point of view to what was happening and to what the characters were feeling. 


The sets were also very well done. Each set had lots of detail that made you feel like you were actually in the same place that the characters were. 


There is also a lot of good diversity in the film. It covers a wide variety of cultures and different groups of people.


 According to the rotten tomatoes website. The movie had gained a 48% rating with critics and a 78% rating with the audience. With a fairly mixed review many people had to say that it was more of an average marvel movie. I agree with that sentiment as many scenes lacked depth.


I still do recommend watching this movie if you enjoy marvel films, just enjoy hero based films or want a new movie to watch.