Local restaurant celebrates one year under new owners

Beef O’Brady’s offers food and fun for the community


In St. Francis, there is a restaurant near and dear to the heart of the community. Beef O’ Bradys is a place to gather, listen to music, and enjoy weekly specials.

The Beef O’ Brady’s chain was established in 1985, but the St. Francis restaurant has been open since 2012. The new owners, Carrie Owens and Melissa Caullign, just celebrated their one year anniversary of owning the St. Francis Beef O’Bradys. 

The successful restaurant owners have had lots of ups and downs in the first year and definitely learned a lot.

 “Some of the challenges are staffing, just making sure you’re offering the right specials at the right time and getting the right clientele in,” said Owens.

While wings and burgers are what they’re known for, the St. Francis Beef O’Bradys has stepped up their game by adding extra opportunities for the community.

”We have our DJ trivia on Tuesday which starts at 7, Thursday we have bingo at 7 and then we’ve been having some live music on the weekends, typically Saturday,” said Caullign. “We for sure have live music the last two Saturdays of every month though May – then there will be a couple in between.” 

With a few Beef O’ Brady’s in the area, Caullign and Owens reflected on what makes the St. Francis location special. 

“We have great staff, I mean I feel we have wonderful staff here,” said Caullign.”There are some staffing challenges, but overall we’ve kept a lot of the staff that came from the previous ownership and they take pride in this Beef O’Brady’s.”

On their one year anniversary, Owens and Caullign say their hearts are in it.

“ We want to have what’s best for this Beef O’Bradys – what’s good for our community,” said Caullign, “because without our community we wouldn’t be here.”