Involvement helps student’s real world skills

Eli Hylen, Staff Writer

Being involved in school to many students sounds nerdy, not fun, or a waste of time but the undeniable truth is – involvement in school activities helps students get experience in working with  peers, which is a real world skill.  

The exposure to many different activities is essential – whether it is sports, knowledge bowl, speech, the arts, band, choir, or something else. The way I see it, the more the merrier. The more activities a student is involved in, the more experience they have interacting or competing against one another with different groups of people and in different environments.  It is healthy to experiment and find out what activities are the best fit for different students.

One very important skill that involvement in school can improve upon is communication.  Every group, team, or program has to keep in touch with one another, whether it be scheduling practices, get togethers, meets, games, or general communication among teammates.  

This also ties in with time management – another very important life skill. If you are an involved student, chances are you will be busy. You may have to balance practice, school work, and a social life, which can be tough, but it is better to learn sooner than later.  A full schedule can also keep students out of trouble. Most teams or programs have no tolerance for any illegal behavior. If students are relying on their teammates to be there at practice or the next meet/competition, they might think twice about making a poor choice.  

Being an involved student teaches important life lessons: teamwork, working with someone you maybe don’t know, learning how to bounce back after a tough loss, and learning how to be humble or keep your head up high.  Who knows? You might have fun or make new friends in the process.