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How to Handle Valentine’s day Like a Boss (as a Single)


Valentines day. The day of love, romance, and appreciation. A wonderful day in February where singles are pushed aside to make room for lovey-dovey couples that make it very clear that “I love you so much” and “I would do anything for you, Pookie” even though every other day they love each other, but THAT specific day is different for some reason. Well not anymore! As a single myself it is my mission to create a list of the top things to do to make the best out of Valentine’s Day when you’re single, because let’s be honest, we are tired of couples kissing in the middle of the hallway when we’re trying to walk.


      1. Buy Yourself Some Chocolate

Now I know what you are thinking. “Couples buy each other chocolates so why should I? I have no one to give them to.” And that’s the point! You can eat an entire heart-shaped box of chocolate by yourself and not have to worry about whether or not it is your significant other’s  favorite so you have to save that piece for them. You get the pleasure of eating that specific chocolate piece and you don’t have to feel bad about it. You don’t even have to just get one box. You can buy as many boxes of chocolate as your heart desires AND you could eat some Reese’s Heart Shaped Chocolate, too. All in all, It’s a win-win.

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      2. Go Out for Dinner

Yet again, I know what you are thinking, “Wait I can’t go out to dinner, I have no one to go with.” You don’t need one! You are able to go wherever, whenever, for whatever. You get to pick out a nice restaurant and not have to think about impressing someone special, because you only have to please yourself. You also don’t need to pay for two people, which means it’s cheaper! You don’t have to worry about watching what you eat in front of others either! No need to not eat that spaghetti because sauce might get on you. “That would be so embarrassing!” Who cares!? Order spaghetti, garlic bread, a salad, and soup – no one is there to stop you!


      3. Go on a Shopping Spree

“Why would I go shopping? I have no one to shower with gifts.” That’s what you were thinking right? Well surprise, surprise! You don’t need someone to go shopping! You as a person are more than enough to spend your own hard earned money on. Treat yourself to something special. You don’t need to spend your money on that one thing as a nice gift but then never gets picked up again. You can buy something you will actually use! 


      4. Go To/Watch a Movie

Wait wait, let me guess,  “It would be so lonely to watch a movie by myself.” No it isn’t! In fact, it is more enjoyable because you don’t have to fight with anyone about the movie choice. You can make popcorn just the way you like to have it and eat all the candy you wish. You can talk during the movie without someone yelling at you to “quiet down” even though you should be able to talk during the movie YOU are paying for. Feel free to lay back and relax with no need for concern about taking up too much space! 


      5. Live like it’s February 14th

This tip might surprise you, but honestly it really is just another day of the week. The only reason this holiday is so big is because of mass marketing and Hallmark movies. If you just go throughout your day and pretend nothing is happening then it will be over before you know it. While seeing couples hugging every ten seconds may be annoying, and honestly gross because P.D.A is disgusting, it only really happens one day and then it will be back to normal. You can get through it! I believe in you!

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