Hockey captains lead the way for the team


Beyond plays and strategy and training, each year coaches have another important decision to make; they have to name the team captains.

Different sports and activities do this in a number of ways, from team voting to coach’s choice. The hockey team has their players vote on their captains every year.

“Every year we have the players vote and they can rank up to 4 people to apply to be captain,” said Hockey Coach Tyler Schaff. “This year those two [Reese Kaehler and Cody Kolb] were selected by our team and coaching staff as a large group to be our captains for the season.”

Kaehler is a senior who plays first line, center and was excited to get the job.

“I’m looking forward to leading a young group of kids this season,” he said.

Cody Kolb, even though he is a junior, was chosen to co-captain with Kaehler.

“It felt good to be chosen captain of the team – to be known as a leader.”

Coach Schaff cited work ethic as his number one criteria for a leader.

“They work as hard as anybody day in and day out,” he said.”The other thing is they have qualities of leading by example. They’re honest with us, they’re great leaders for the team, they speak up when they need to, and they also have an understanding of our program.”

Over the years, Kaehler believes his participation in summer training programs has helped him grow as a player.

Kolb has worked hard throughout his years and feels he’s come a long way.

“I didn’t always make the highest team,” said Kolb “but ever since peewee, I’ve made the highest team.”

Coach Schaff also mentions that along with plays, strategy, and training, the coaching staff organizes practices in way that helps the team develop as a whole, but the players develop individual skill.

“If we can have the players have a high level of individual skill hopefully that’s going to help our team have success,” he said.

There comes responsibility when being appointed the captains of a high school varsity team and it’s not a job for a selfish player. The captains always need to think about the team as a whole.  Kaehler seems to take this thought into account throughout the season.

“What I think I can do to make the team better is just do anything the coaches ask,” he’s said, “help out the younger kids that don’t know what they’re doing, and just ask question and be a leader.”