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High School Jobs Series: BILL’S Superette

Do you like making money? Then you should consider applying to one of these jobs in our highschool job series. 

Our reporters, Brielle Edin and Destiny Yetzer went out to get interviews with the Shift Supervisor and Assistant Manager from Bill’s Superette #14. 

Bill’s Superette opened a new store on Viking Blvd and Rum River Blvd on May 9th of this year, this store became the new corporate office for the company and has “gained lots of popularity over the months.” said Shift Supervisor, Brielle Edin. 

During her interview Brielle discussed her transition from Bill’s Superette #11 to the new store and what it’s been like working “a door and a hallway down from the big bosses”. 

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“It’s been a learning process for sure” Brielle explained, “There’s definitely a huge difference between being part of a team and being the leader of a team.” 

How come they decided to open 3 locations on the same road? Nick Loe, manager for Bill’s Superette #14, answered “We actually get alot of north and south bound traffic at #10, #11, and #14, so there weren’t any sales affected between our locations. We gained a ton of new sales and new customers.” 

Bill’s Superette is known for “being a really big family” says Brielle, “Christmas last year we had a secret santa and that ended up being a lot of fun. Alot of people participated and we got some pretty interesting gifts.” Some of the gifts include: a giant rice crispy, an ax and matches, a bundt cake pan and cake batter, a lunchbox, a lightsaber umbrella, and some other funny gifts. 

“Bills is definitely a really great entry level job, it prepares you with a lot of things you need to know for your future.” Brielle has worked at Bill’s Superette for a year and a half now, she has had the opportunity to work at 3 different locations. She has found her experience there very rewarding and from that has learned to find a love for business. She plans on working at Bill’s for another three years after highschool to build her resume while attending Anoka Ramsey Community College then transferring from Anoka Ramsey to MSU Mankato to pursue a degree in Marketing. “I wanted to be a lawyer, but after taking law classes I knew it wasn’t for me and I realized that I really enjoyed the things I do at my job.” 

Whether you work while in school or want to take it easy, there’s no doubt about it that finding a job while you’re still young can be very rewarding and helpful for the future. 

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About the Contributors
Brielle Edin, Media Staff
Brielle Rebecca Edin is a senior at Saint Francis High School and head captain of the speech team. She has been in speech for two years, in the first year she specialized in Creative Interpretation, and second year she double-entered in Creative and Discussion. Brielle is a shift supervisor at BILL'S Superette #14, she's been there for a year and a half and worked at 4 different locations. She enjoying spending her free time with friends and always has a taste for some adventure.
Destiny Yetzer is a junior at St Francis High School. This is her first year on the SFHS Media Staff. Destiny worked backstage in the school's theater production of Bright Star last year and plans to participate in the upcoming productions. Outside of school she enjoys reading, drawing and spending time with friends.

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