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High School Jobs Series: Super Rink



Reporter Brielle Edin slap sticked the high school jobs series getting information from NSC Super Rink employees about their available jobs within our community both on and off the ice.

Gabe Kelley the NSC Zamboni Driver shares that he has been working for NSC for 3 years and NSC Manager TJ Weiland has been working for them for almost 2 years.

TJ Weiland expresses “it’s been a wonderful experience it’s a very busy building but surround by a lot of great hockey and got to meet a lot of great people” TJ Weiland follows with “we offer numerous opportunities starting from a concession stand, a front desk worker, all the way up to possibly a Zamboni driver”. TJ Weiland than shares that “a typical work day looks from probably about 4pm to midnight” and follows with “we are currently looking for front desk workers,zamboni drivers,and rink attendants”

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Gabe Kelley mentioned their “two propane converted engines that run off of two propane tanks a quick switch in the middle if you run out and the toughest machines we have they can get through anything they’re back up machines too” Gabe Kelley states “these are the last propane machines we will ever get after Minnesota is forcing us to get rid of these two by 2035 and they’re our toughest workers”. 

Gabe Kelley shared “these machines are our newest ones they get used for Bethel University and USA hockey they run on full electric lithium ion batteries that you gotta keep an eye on cause if anything messes up they’re gonna melt. These are the new ones with the level ice it takes the control out of the drivers hands so it keeps a flat surface”

Gabe Kelley concluded “stay on top of your homework” is the advice he would give about working while in high school. TJ Weiland said “find something you have passion in and do it to the best of your ability”

Considering spending some time on the ice playing hockey or driving a Zamboni maybe wear a few extra layers to stay warm 

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