Fighting Saints give back to community

Football team continues tradition of reading to elementary students

Brody Wyandt, Media Staff

For the past four years, the Fighting Saints football team has been a part of a tradition of reading stories to elementary students across the school district.

The team goes to to different classrooms at St. Francis, East Bethel and Cedar Creek Elementary Schools in order to mentor younger students by reading popular children’s books to them.

“It was a great opportunity for our football players to go out and mentor elementary students,” said football coach Mike Stoffel.

Stoffel, also an English teacher at SFHS, was the one who first organized this program four years ago.

“I had elementary students at the time,” said Mr. Stoffel. “I wanted them to be able to see some of their role models get into the classroom and read.”

Football players who have had the opportunity to be involved in this program have given great feedback and told people how much they enjoy doing it.

“It felt really good to read to them,” said offensive lineman Easton Johnson, “because they all look up to the high schoolers.” 

Even though this program just started a few years ago, it’s already become a tradition players and coaches hope to continue for years to come.

“Everyone enjoyed it, everyone was happy,” said Johnson.”It felt really good to do something for the community.”