Exterminating All the Brutes Documentary Review

Hanna Lee , Writer

This is a story on the history of “The New World”, the genocide, the slavery, the origin of white supremacy and the issues with the uprising of America. The uncensored truth. Told and produced by Raoul Peck.  

A  perspective, one that’s been trying to be heard for years, comes to light with Raoul Peck’s documentary “Exterminate all The Brutes”.  “Exterminate all the brutes” is a phrase written by Kurtz, Conrad’s ivory trading “demigod.” Said Raoul Peck, According to the New York times. 

The idea of White supremacy started when Christopher Columbus had “found” the new world. It started when they had thought of themselves as superior to the Native Americans they had come across. This sub-thought started treaties, which started trapping Native Americans into giving up more and more land. “Only through killing and displacement does the land become uninhabitable.” -Raoul Peck

With the usage of maps and timelines you are able to see and truly grasp the severity of it all. You view what happened, how it happened and the time frame it happened in. It makes you think about how close together these historical events happened. 

When slavery had started the order to hunt down Native Americans also happened. The remaining Native Americans were treated like game, they had bounties and everything. It really makes you question how what you’ve learned in school from history books is different from the reality of the actual events. 

You get learn that land was taken, that slavery happened, but as a society and as a culture we’ve downplayed these events so much. You don’t truly understand how bad these major events in history are until you actually go out and uncover the reality of it. American culture downplays so much of the bad that’s happened in the country yet they are so willing to praise the good; it’s so important to learn all sides and all details no matter how bad they are. By censoring our history we aren’t allowing generations to make a judgement for themselves, we aren’t allowing them to create their own morals and thought processes. 

The Native American descendants and African American descendants are still here today. They are still feeling and going through the after affects of all that their ancestors went through.  

I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is looking to learn more about the history of the country. To those who would like to challenge and change the status quo. You can find this documentary on HBO MAX.