Deca Dugout hopes Saints Time rules don’t rule them out


Collin Dellis, producing editor

The Deca Dugout is now open with the new school year but there is some concern that the  implementation of new Saints Time rules may affect the sales and the availability of the store being open.

The Deca Dugout moved to its new location in the E wing following construction to put it in close proximity to adviser Lisa-Marie Schrag’s classroom. Saints Time used to be a time where students could head to the Dugout for coffee and snacks, but this year students are more restricted in their movement during the half hour study session.

“Obviously we hope they (the new rules) do not affect the Deca Dugout sales,” said Schrag. “I am going to be honest. I am a little bit worried about my student workers because my student workers do need to follow these rules (Saints Time) as well.”

Schrag is staying hopeful it will all go well.

“Fingers crossed they won’t need any intervention or any extra help and my student workers will be able to immediately released, come open up the Deca Dugout for you,” said Schrag. “By the time you get here, the store will be fully open for you to grab that cup of coffee, iced coffee, or a Saints sweatshirt.”