Cross country and Tennis are up and running


Easton Ogg, Media Staff

Fall sports are in full swing and cross country and girls tennis have worked to improve personal records and the quality of their play..

“We’ve been doing pretty good,” said runner Brody Wyandt. “Everybody has been getting new PRs (personal records).” 

Wyandt was unsure about how the season might unfold. 

“We have a lot of injuries right now so I’m not sure how our team will play out the rest of the year,” he said.

Madison Rothbauer from the girls tennis team spoke with reporters early in the season.

“The team so far is doing pretty good,” she said. “We aren’t winning as much, but it’s still fun.”

Rothbauer was hoping for improvement. 

“We are getting better as the season goes on so I think we’ll be doing better,” she said. 

Kiera White is playing for her first season.

“We are doing really good and everybody on the team is super positive,” she said. “It’s my first season playing, but I think we are getting better.”