Christmas Traditions


Reed Pastwa, Writer

Christmas Traditions


As Christmas and New Years start to approach, I wanted to ask people what their biggest Christmas traditions are.  This time of year is very important to many families, and symbolizes a time that many people cherish. 

To my family, holidays are for spending time with each other and enjoying some amazing food. My family spends a whole day cutting down our Christmas tree and decorating the house with many festive decorations. We have lights everywhere as well as our Christmas stockings hung up on the fireplace. We also have the whole family over at our house on Christmas Eve. We enjoy a huge fondue dinner and open the presents underneath the tree. 

“I go to Iowa to spend time with my family,” said senior Grace Kolb, “We have a super nice dinner as well as spending time catching up.” 

In some cases, families might stay closer to home for the holidays.  “All my family comes over to my house, we sit and play cards around the table,” Said senior Grace Vaness, “I really enjoy spending time listening to what’s going on in the family, and we always eat prime rib.”

Other family’s never get too far from work. In Lily Lene’s case, most of her family works at Tasty’s Pizza, so she normally comes to the pizza joint with her family and they throw a Christmas party together.

I believe Christmas traditions can be unique to the family. Some families enjoy spending time at home while other families travel. “I go to my grandparents house and open presents there, we’ve been doing that since I was a baby,” said Tate Skogquist. “My brothers and I always go mess around in the field,.”

The holidays are very special and their traditions are what you make them. 


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