Bowling team makes bid for State

Sam Globensky, Media Staff

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While most students this fall were focused on traditional sports like football and soccer, there is another sport at SFHS that is performing well and even has a bid for State.

Senior Ryan Kyllonen has been bowlilng for 13 years, since he was 4 years old and senior Ryan Frechette can’t remember a time when he wasn’t bowling.

“Right now we’ve won all of our matches and tied once,” said Frechette. “That’s our first time tying within the past two years.” 

Frechette says that  competitions aren’t as complicated as they may seem.

“Every week we play 2 matches and we face one school in the first match and another school in the second match. and it’s a team game.” ,” he explained. “You may not think of bowling as a team sport but you have 5 people playing at a time unless you want to sub in.”

The person who bowls the first frame also bowls the sixth frame. As Frechette describes it – one person bowls two frames and that’s why they have five people – because there are ten frames.

“You get a total of five games in one match and the team that wins three out of the fives games wins the match.” said Frechette.

The state competition is on December 2nd at Flatteries Bowling Alley and senior Abby Drevlow is hoping they can prevail. 

“The past few years we’ve won our conference tournament and went onto state, but we haven’t been able to win state. So hopefully this year will be able to win state and take home the championship.” said Abby Drevlow.


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