School community gives opinions on gun control


In the United States guns have always been a part of Americans lives, for better or for worse. Controversy about whether we need our weapons or not has arisen in light of a number of school shootings and mass murders.

We spoke with some people in our school community to find out  what they thought about  the Pros and Cons of gun ownership and second amendment rights.  

“I’m definitely pro 2nd amendment,” said future army recruit Bobby Arrett. “An attacker could be way bigger than you if you’re a smaller person, a gun would be the only way to protect yourself. Just having that source of protection is a positive.”

Some argue the protection provided with having a firearm makes the second amendment essential. Many feel getting rid of guns would leave U.S. citizens empty handed when it comes to self defense.

“As Americans we should have the right to own firearms” said sophomore Jack Henderson. “The problem lies in how easy it is for people to access guns. There is no need for the sale of machine guns either.”

Henderson echoes the idea of Americans who believe firearms should be permitted, but the restrictions should be heavier when it comes to purchasing a gun. He believes background checks should be thoroughly established before anyone buys a weapon.

“Some people use guns for activities like hunting and trapshooting” said Senior Joey Anderson. “I do think it should be a lot harder for people to get a weapon. People convicted of crimes should not be able to get one”

Though many restrictions are put in place to keep unlawful people from purchasing firearms, some reports have shown these are overlooked in the process. Many, like Anderson,  believe the rules about who can buy a gun and who can’t should be more thoroughly be enforced.

Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland…the countless number of lives lost in mass shootings has put the country in a firearm panic as it were.

“I don’t think we should take guns away from people, but I think it’s ridiculous the amount of gun crime that has appeared over recent years.” said English teacher Joel Olson. “It’s one thing if it’s a hobby; it’s another thing if you’re deranged”