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Student follows faith journey to find college

Faith-based education is an important option for some students.


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As far as colleges go in the United States, the choices can be seemingly endless. Some choose a traditional four-year path, others go for two years and an Associates degree. One option that is sometimes overlooked is a faith-based education. For alumni Rob Masloski, a 2010 graduate, finding a school to continue his faith journey was the most important thing he looked for in a college.

He is a Senior at Franciscan University in Steubenville Ohio, who will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Catechetics and Theology.
As a student, Masloski found something in his college he didn’t find other places.

“Franciscan provides a strong education and an exceptional community to practice and pursue my
faith,” he said.

Masloski found that many Christian Universities he looked at were secularized for the most part.

“This sort of University doesn’t seem prevalent anymore. At Franciscan though, our faith is tied
up in everything we do, in the classroom, extracurricular activites, and even in leisure,” he said. “The atmosphere is unique and goes beyondthe typical college experience. I am able to pursue an authentic relationship with God in everything I do here. My education is more than just career preparation, it’s an opportunity to seek God through faith and reason.”

He wishes more students with a strong faith would consider a Catholic education.

“I would encourage anyone who is prepared to really delve into a deeper relationship with God, and anyone who is looking for a school in which they can confidently seek greater holiness while also obtaining a great education to give Franciscan University some consideration.”

Along the road to college, people will encounter others who share the same beliefs, encourage each other to follow the right path, and give each other hope for the future by being there for both pitfalls and successes.

“Faith is a big part of my life and I want a college that will help influence that, instead of test it,” said senior Elijah Vivier.

After high school, Vivier has enrolled at the University of St. Thomas in their minor Seminary with the hopes of eventually becoming a Priest.
Vivier and his good friend Brandon Garcia traveled to Fransiscan earlier this year to visit Masloski and check out the college. While Vivier has now chosen St. Thomas, Garcia is still considering his choices.

“From a young age I’ve always known Christ has been important to me,” said Garcia, “and furthering my education by attending a faith-based
school is one way I see truth and success in my life.”

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Student follows faith journey to find college