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It’s been 13 years since junior Madison Karshbaum started playing soccer, and she hasn’t slowed down since then.

I guess you can say it’s a permanent part of her life. Every day after school when in season, her warmup mostly involves field sprints for 30 minutes every day and scrimmages with other players to prepare for games.

"Soccer's my biggest passion; it takes up all my time.” said Karshbaum

Some might think that all sports players have a lot of friends, because they are part of a team - but that wasn't always the case for her. She has always felt like  the outlier of the team.

"I try to be friends with as many people as I can." she said.

But that doesn't dishearten her from being a prominent player out on the field. During a game, a player from the other team hit her hard, and she fell over. While down on the ground, a girl from her team came over to help her, asking if she was OK, and helped her over to the bench. Later after the game, they started to hang out together. Karshbaum says it was a very happy moment, knowing that she was wanted.

"It made me feel I was part of the team."

It shows you that great potential comes in small packages.

-Story by Mason Felt

Madison Karshmaum, Media Staff

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